Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc.
Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc.

Flamingo Flocking

The Flamingo's are back in Glastonbury!


Surprise your friends and family in Glastonbury with a flock of Flamingos!  


(Sorry, the flamingo flocks are available in Glastonbury only. The flamingos are not very good travelers and like to stay close to home).


Send Flocking Requests to Mary Jo Ferraro at


A donation to FOGRI of $25 is required to send a flock to friends or family. An additional donation is required for special events.


Our flock of flamingos will help raise funds for the crew team. In this unique fundraiser, families or individuals make a donation to have a flock of flamingos arranged on the lawn of a friend. The flocks generally move at night so that our unsuspecting family is surprised and delighted to find our fabulous friends in the morning. The flamingos are typically arranged in crew formation with 1 coxswain facing 8 rowers. Along with the flock, we include a congratulatory letter and instructions for moving the flock along. 

While sending a basic crew of flamingos is fun, requests to send a flock for Birthdays, Graduations, Mothers Day and Fathers Day are also popular. In fact, our flamingos dress for these special occasions and have been spotted wearing birthday crowns, neck ties and mortarboards.


Checks can be made out to FOGRI and mailed to: 
FOGRI PO Box 552, South Glastonbury, CT 06073


All donations are made to Friends of Glastonbury Rowing (FOGRI) and are used to offset crew team expenses including: gas, launch boats, repairs, and equipment.


Would you like to join in the fun and help us place flocking requests? Variety of opportunities here. We plan on flocking after Spring Break until school is out in June. Volunteer for a week, two weeks or the entire period of time. We try to coordinate the location you flock with the neighborhood you live in. Great family fun!