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Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc.

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In this COVID world, we have learned to celebrate those things which go well, despite how different they are. Such is the case of the Fall Crew Season for GHS! We were on the water. We had great parent volunteers. Our Board FOGRI was able to support us in numerous ways including getting two new 8's on the water and we raced Farmington and Stonington. Our new girls' coaches are dynamic and our boys' coaches are as dedicated as ever. Now it's time to show our team spirit by ordering some new GHS Crew Apparel!


The popular hoodies and Cinch sacks from last Spring stay in our online store but with the input of our rowers, we have two new offerings for sweatpants.  New additions, by request, are a good quality raincoat (waterproof, not just water resistant),quarter zip sweatshirts and flannel pants!!


Use this link to view the offerings and make your purchases:


Orders must be placed by 8:30am on Monday, November 16th  2020. 


We are expecting the orders to be ready two weeks later. We will let you know the specific date/time/location so that you can stop by to pick up your individual order.  All parents will be invited to stop by during that window as we will also have our stock GHS Crew merchandise available (magnets, socks, hats, etc)   If you need these type of items ahead of time, feel free to reach out to us. 

Get your holiday shopping started early - you know your kids want some swag!


Please contact Karin Carlino (860-841-8363) or Darcy Johnson (860-604-0652) with questions. 




Your GHS Apparel Committee

Dear Crew team members and families,


After 4 years of the team using two piece uniforms, we have decided to return to a traditional uni as the majority of athletes prefer them.  We will continue to use the 2 piece uniforms for the novice teams.


With input from coaches, the apparel committee has designed a uni from Boathouse using our school colors of royal blue and white. The material is thinner and more flexible than that of the two piece or prior uni. Pictures are below. We have also designed a long sleeve shirt for the coxswains to wear as their uniform during races. The coxswain shirts are available to anyone who would like to purchase one (for practices or to wear over your uni).  Also available is the famous “Stevenson” jacket which is completely optional. I hope to have samples of the unis and the cold weather shirt to try on for sizing purposes by next Monday.


Per school rules, no one who has already purchased a uniform is required to buy the new uniform although you are certainly allowed to do so.  Therefore, there will be a period of transition again where we may have boats with team members wearing 2 different uniforms (the 2 piece or the new uni, the old uni with red is no longer allowed to be worn for races.)  


The Boathouse online team store will open today and will close on Wed, March 4th at midnight, NO EXCEPTIONS. I am hoping to be able to distribute orders on April 6th (with the pies) if they come in on time.


Click to Purchase





Women’s back / Women’s front                                 Men’s front / Men’s back


Stevenson rowing jacket front and back        Solid neck Cold weather shirt (these colors)


Please consider donating your two piece uniform back to the team to be used for future novice rowers once you are through using it.

Please do not hesitate to call with questions.


Leah Post


FOGRI board member



Questions...Please contact:


Darcy Johnson
Karen Carlino


If you have additional suggestions that we should offer, please feel free to contact any FOGRI member..