Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc.
Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc.

Pulling for Pulse  

The Glastonbury Crew Team and FOGRI are excited to announce the "Pulling for Pulse" Campaign. Cardiovascular diseases and stroke are the #1 causes of death in Connecticut. This fundraiser is to designed to raise heart health awareness in our community as well as to fund the purchase of 2 new racing shells for our crew team.

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Our Mission

To promote awareness for heart disease in Glastonbury, present charitable donations to support the American Heart Association's research, education and community outreach efforts, to fund Glastonbury Heart Health Initiatives such as AEDs and training, and to provide GHS Crew with new racing shells honoring those whose lives have been affected by heart disease and those who live heart healthy lives.


Our Plan

To schedule events in our community to provide CPR training and heart health awareness.
To fundraise in support of promoting heart health in our community, purchase two fully equipped 4 person custom rowing shells, while making a cash donation to the American Heart Association. 
The team have purchased an AED for the Glastonbury Boat House and funded the first boat - currently at the final stages of completion.


Our Progress

The 1st of the 2 rowing shells (this one for the Girls Team) has been fabricated by Vespoli and is at Pastrana Unlimited for painting.  Alan, who painted Valor, will customize the boat to highlight the campaign's "Heart Health" focus.
Please visit the Pulling For Pulse Tent at the Mahoney Cup, Saturday May 13th to see the shell.  Pulling For Pulse clothing will be on sale at the regatta.  


We currently have "16" Honorees.  ​Please consider being an individual or corporate sponsor and recognize someone with their name on a rowing shell.