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Pulling with Pride

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Pulling with Pride's mission is to give back to those who have given so much, and at the same time, raise enough funds to purchase a new Vespoli V1 racing shell, oars and riggings.


HONOR: We will honor U.S veterans past or present, those wounded or killed in action, and those who currently serve in the U.S. Armed Services. In keeping with this mission, 25% of the funds raised have and will continue to be split evenly and donated to the VFW and the U.S. Marines, for the benefit of veterans and active duty service members. The balance of the funds will be directed to FOGRI for their support of GHS Crew’s Pulling with Pride campaign, in order to purchase and maintain a new Vespoli V1 rowing shell.


VALOR: The Vespoli shell we purchased is proudly painted with Stars & Stripes like the American flag, and is aptly named the “Valor”. Honoree names are placed around the gunwales of the boat -- additional honoree names can still be added! We have a large “Pulling with Pride” tent/banner, which will accompany the boat at select regattas and crew events. This will be used to promote awareness, conduct T-shirt sales and other fundraisers, and publicly acknowledge major sponsors.


Pulling with Pride has been organized by a committee of Glastonbury High School rowers, and has been approved by Glastonbury High School’s Athletic Director, GHS Crew, and FOGRI.

Corporate Sponsorships are available at $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000 levels. Individual Valor Boat honoree donor levels are available at $300 each.


To make donations, please click on the above Valor and Corporate Sponsorship form links. For additional information about the Valor program, please email Liz Valigorsky at