Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc.
Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc.

Spring 2022 Schedule (to be announced)

Stay tuned for schedule

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The race schedule is set by the Host Team.  Once our coaches receive the draft schedule, they quickly coordinate with the Host Team to try and maximize the number of rowers/boats/races.


Unfortunately, race information is frequently not available until just a few days before the race, but we get it out to parents and rowers as quickly as we can.


Race information can often be found by "googling" the race by event name or on Regatta Central. The information on these websites tends to be rather fluid until several days before the race. Nevertheless, the websites are valuable sources of info - just understand that they're subject to change.


Link to Glastonbury High School Team Websites



Regatta results posted on Row2k: