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Welcome to Glastonbury Rowing

Crew at Glastonbury High School is a two-season sport with fall and spring seasons as well as optional winter conditioning. It is not mandatory to participate for both seasons though it is more common than not. 

We have 4 teams: novice girls, novice boys, varsity girls and varsity boys. “Novice” is for those athletes who have not rowed with a high school team in the past, regardless of their grade level in high school. Some novice rowers come to us with no experience, others have had the opportunity to attend rowing camps before joining the team.

The season starts on the first day of school so students will need to register for the team before school starts via the GHS Athletic Department website. Novice athletes are required to take a swim test before they can go out on the water with the team; typically, this is done early in the second week of school.

The usual practice schedule when practice is at the boathouse:

  • Novice 2:30-4pm every weekday. A bus will take them from the high school to the boathouse and back initially but eventually they run to the boathouse right after school.

  • Varsity 4-6:15pm every weekday. Athletes run from the high school to the boathouse at 3:15 so they are warmed up and ready to go out of the water at 4. A bus brings them back to the high school approx. 6:30pm.

  • Because of flooding and river debris, early spring practice is held at an alternate location.

  • Because water and wind conditions are unpredictable, practice may be changed at the last minute to land practice.

Races in the fall are typically on the weekend; spring season is a mixture of afternoon and weekend races.

For more information about the sport, please see the ROWING page.

Unlike other high school varsity sports, there is a HUGE demand for family assistance with this program. We need 14 volunteers on the dock and safety launches for each day of water practice.

We feed the entire team (and families) at each and every race, home or away.
We are constantly raising money to maintain and when needed, purchase new equipment.
Please see the opportunities on the VOLUNTEER page.


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