Collecting Money


We are always in need of volunteers to assist with our many fundraising initiatives.
Coordinator of the committee is Sandy Oullette (

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We all love crew! That’s why we are here. But did you know that in order to fully support the operations of the GHS crew team for two seasons per year, it is necessary to raise approximately $50-60,000 per year?! This includes annual operating costs as well as the purchase of new equipment (shells, oars, cox boxes, safety launches, ergs, etc) as needed. With a team of 120-140 athletes, this translates to an annual cost of $450 PER ATHLETE!

In the past we have run a multitude of fundraisers throughout the year, starting with the annual Ergathon in the fall. Others have included the annual appeal, the Lyman Orchard Pie sales, pancake breakfasts, road races, flamingo flocking, dine out nights, local business campaigns, etc. This constant barrage of fundraising “opportunities” has led to a sense of burnout among student athletes, parents and the volunteers dedicated to these efforts.


This year, we would like to encourage all families to commit to raising as much money as possible in one massive effort at the start of the year.  Hence, Ergathon(+)…

This year, we will encourage all athletes to participate early and seriously, with four simultaneous opportunities:

  1. Collect direct donations for the Ergathon

  2. Sell frozen pizzas from Zuppardi Apizza, New Haven, to be picked up October 29th

    • $5 profit per pizza

    • Starts Aug 26th, final orders due Sept 30th

    • Paper forms available or use this google form:   Pizza Order Form

  3. Sell frozen Lyman orchard pies and cookie dough, also to be picked up on October 29th

  4. Commit to a fall/winter cleanup date at Rentschler Field

In addition, we will recruit more parent and athlete volunteers to the local business campaign effort which will remain active throughout the season.


If your family is not interested in participating in these types of fundraising, we would ask that you consider making a single donation of an amount considered generous by your family's standards, recognizing the cost of the program. Some would call this an “UNFundraiser”.  Please be aware you may still receive emails with information regarding fundraisers. 


Please feel free to reach out to your coach or any FOGRI board member with questions.

Examples of templates for athletes to use:


Dear (family and friends),

 As you may know I am a member of the Glastonbury High School crew team. Despite the hard work of daily 2 mile runs, 2 hour water practices and long weekend race days, I am proud to be on this State Championship winning team. Although the team does receive funding from the athletic department for coaches’ salaries, transportation and regatta entry fees, our team needs to raise $50,000 per year to operate safely on and off the water. Please consider supporting me and my team this year! There are 3 ways you can help:


  1. I will be rowing on an ergometer (“erg”, also known as a torture device) for 25 minutes on Saturday, Sept 10.  Please recognize and support my efforts by making a donation here: Ergathon Donor Form

  2. I will be selling frozen pizzas from Zuppardi’s Apizza, $11 each, which I can deliver to you on Saturday, October 29th for you to enjoy all winter long so please stock up!  Place your order here: Pizza Order Form

  3. I will be selling frozen Lyman Orchard pies and frozen cookie dough. These will also be delivered to you on Saturday, October 29th, so get your Thanksgiving and holiday pies and cookies now! Place your order here:  (YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE REGISTERED WITH MCM WHICH WILL GENERATE A LINK TO PLACE HERE).


Thank you so much (Student name here)





Hi, (student name here) here. My crew team’s Ergathon is Sat, Sept 25. Please support me and my team and donate here:



Hi, (student name here) here. My crew team is selling frozen pizzas from Zuppardi’s pizza delivered to you Sat, Oct 29th. Please purchase here:

Year Round Fundraisers

Fall Fundraisers