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Volunteer Opportunities

Our crew program wouldn't run without the dedication of many volunteers. Please consider volunteering.

Boat Drivers & Dockmasters

Our team is unique among high school sports in that we require parent involvement on a DAILY basis at water practice.  We need licensed and experienced boat drivers for safety boats used during practice and dockmasters to monitor safety at the dock.  We also require volunteers to fill gas cans on a weekly basis.  Please contact Dianne Bogoian to volunteer for any of these roles. 


Fundraising Events

The GHS Crew program relies on supplemental funding raised by Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc. ("FOGRI") in addition to funds from the GHS Athletic Department, to support program expenses. Volunteers are needed to lead and/or support various fundraisers such as:  

  • Annual Ergathon (Fall)

  • Golf Tournament (Spring)

  • Flamingo Flocking (Spring)

  • Food Sales (Fall & Spring)

  • Restaurant nights (Fall & Spring)


If you are interested in getting involved or leading an event, please contact Katherine Crowley or Dianne Bogoian.

Food Crew

This amazing group of volunteers is responsible for purchase, preparation and presentation of food to team members, their families and guests at all regattas – home and away, as well as other crew related events.  Set up, take down and clean-up of the food tent and its tables and grills.  Organization and stocking of the food trailer and transportation of it to each regatta. MANY volunteers are needed EACH week as the work is the same whether we are home or away. Sign-ups will be posted for each race- PLEASE sign up at least twice per season!  


Regatta Planning

Home race planning requires activities such as ordering medals, parking coordination, communications, set-up and removal of race course markers, and coordination of boat drivers and dockmasters to maintain safety standards.


Please contact Leah Post to volunteer.

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